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Great News for Writers!

Great News for writers!

I'm really excited to tell you about a project I’ve been working on with a few other bestselling and award-winning authors. The ten of us are putting together a guide to assist you on your journey to become a bestselling and award-winning author yourself. And for those of you who are already authors, it will help you take your writing skills to the next level. There’s something for everyone! I know I’m already learning a lot from these wonderful authors.

Here's the cover >>>>>>>>>>>

(Have you ever felt like that guy? I know I have!)

Why another book on writing? What makes this one special?

This awesome book will not just give you ONE perspective on the writing world. It will give you several. Each of us has chosen the topics on which we excel. This way, you hear from the experts on that particular skill. Additionally, some topics (i.e., plotting, publishing, and marketing) will be discussed from several points of view. That way you can choose the ideas and styles that are best for you.

Unique, huh?!

This book is due out by early Fall 2018. I’ll let you know the date once it’s set.

(UPDATE: Writing from the Trenches is available NOW. Here's the link.)

Here are some of the things we’ll cover (and the amazing authors who will teach them):

  • The different types of plotting techniques - Ane Mulligan, Connie Almony, Erica Vetsch, Michelle Griep, Louise M. Gouge, Lynnette Bonner, Julie Lessman, MaryLu Tyndall, Hallee Bridgeman, and Elizabeth Ludwig

  • Transporting a reader into the past - Erica Vetsch

  • Planning a research trip - Michelle Griep

  • General research techniques - Erica Vetsch

  • Developing characters - Hallee Bridgeman

  • Writing Colorful Characters - Connie Almony

  • Villains we love to hate - Elizabeth Ludwig

  • Dynamic Dialogue - Ane Mulligan

  • Ramping up the Sigh Factor in our Heroes - Julie Lessman

  • The Right Woman for the Romance Job - Connie Almony

  • The Tease: Scene/Chapter Endings to Lead Your Readers On - Julie Lessman

  • Hook your reader in the first chapter - MaryLu Tyndall

  • Making your readers cry - Michelle Griep

  • Beyond Descriptions-creating a movie set - MaryLu Tyndall

  • Whose POV is it, Anyway? Learning How to Write Deep - Lynnette Bonner

  • Copyediting your manuscript: Can you really do it all yourself? - Louise M. Gouge

  • Indie publishing vs. Traditional publishing, which way should you go?- Louise M. Gouge, MaryLu Tyndall, and Julie Lessman

  • Marketing for those who hate Marketing - Erica Vetsch, MaryLu Tyndall, Michelle Griep, Connie Almony, Louise M. Gouge, Ane Mulligan, Hallee Bridgeman, Julie Lessman, Lynnette Bonner, and Elizabeth Ludwig

Wow, right?!

Did you see those names? Let me say them again …

MaryLu Tyndall

Julie Lessman

Michelle Griep

Ane Mulligan

Elizabeth Ludwig

Lynnette Bonner

Louise M. Gouge

Hallee Bridgeman

Erica Vetsch, and …

Me, Connie Almony

I’m seriously wondering how in the world I got on this list. Only a God of Wonders can achieve such a thing!

Let me tell you a little more about these fantastic, Award-winning, Bestselling, Christian Fiction authors …

Author & Avid History Museum Patron, writing about …

Faith, Love, & History Ever After


Passion With a Purpose

Award-winning author of ...

The Daughters of Boston Series, starting with

Winds of Change Series, starting with

Isle of Hope Series, starting with

A Glimmer of Hope (Novella Prequell)--FREE Download


Sailing Beyond the Veil

MaryLu writes adventurous historical romances that give the reader a peek into the spiritual realm, such as ...

The Ransom - Inspirational Readers Choice Award winner

The Reckoning - I Heart Indie winner!

She Walks in Power - Medieval Romance

When Angels Cry - End times Romance and Suspense


Multi-award-winning Florida Historical Romance author


Southern-Fried Fiction


Sharing Truth through Fiction


Author of True Romance, Gripping Suspense, Real Heroes, Genuine Faith


Author, blogger, and occasional super-hero when her cape is clean.


Historical Romance ~ Mystery ~ Suspense


And me,

Writing Broken Characters who fit perfectly into the Body of Christ

The Dark Forest Series--modern-day retellings of fairy tales, starting with …

The Maryland State University Series, starting with …

The Water’s Edge Series, starting with …

Yay! Isn’t this awesome?!

I’ll let you know when the pre-release date is set. Until then ...

(UPDATE: It's out! Get your copy of Writing from the Trenches NOW)

Happy Writing!

Connie Almony

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