Hi! Welcome to my author website where you can find out more about my Amazon Bestselling novels featuring realistically broken characters who fit perfectly into the Body of Christ. And yes, sometimes it takes a little danger and drama to get them there. But isn’t that how God works?


I wouldn’t want it any other way!


Through some mystery, a hunk of adventure, and don’t forget a whopping heap of romance—Sigh!—these stories are filled with the work of the Holy Spirit, and point to a wise and merciful God who sent His son to save us.


The ultimate romance!




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My stories are inspired by real life—like my short stint as the only female living in an all-male dorm—and are filled with colorful characters—much like the family and friends I grew up with and know today. They are real and relatable, and encourage the broken to find wholeness in Christ.


So pluck around the site and find the one that will inspire you today. Check out the descriptions and the excerpts. And don’t forget to connect with me on social media.


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God Bless!!!




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