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Meet Connie

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I'm just a suburb gal from the Baltimore-Washington megalopolis. And that's what my fiction is about, a diverse population that is truly, and beautifully, colorful.

Trained as a mental health counselor, I hope you won't hold that against me. Though this training helps me delve into the motivations that drive my characters, I promise not to therapize you. Yep, I know “therapize” is not a word.

My favorite things to do include listening to bands like Needtobreathe and For King and Country, watch well-crafted TV, and read great stories with colorful characters, all while spending time with my adoring family.

The bantering style of my characters is inspired by my husband's deep love of mischief, particularly that which craves a sharp response ;o). Still, I love him anyway ... which covers a multitude of sins. I've been married almost thirty years … so you can imagine—sigh!

Oh yeah, I'm a bestselling Christian novelist and won some awards <smile>, so you should read my stuff!

Feel free to pluck around the site and find the book that will inspire you today. Check out the descriptions and the excerpts. And don’t forget to connect with me on social media.


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God Bless!!!

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