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The Best Gift a Man Can Give a Woman

This is my very favorite scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's where the Beast essentially gives Beauty his library ...

Why is it my favorite scene? Because it is an example of giving someone the perfect gift.

Am I saying the perfect gift is a library full of books? Well, for some of us that may actually be the case, but that is not what I'm getting at here.

What makes this the perfect gift? I mean, after all, the guy is really really rich. Can't he cough up a shiny little bobble or two?

No. Because that is not what will make Belle's heart sing--and Beast knows that. In fact, it's the KNOWING, that is the best gift of all. He presented her with a gift that demonstrated he KNEW who she was and what she loved. And the fact that he gave her the perfect gift FOR HER, demonstrates that he's been listening to her, knows who she is and is willing to fulfill her greatest wish. Not show off with something the rest of the world thinks he should get her. There is a special intimacy in this unique gift.

That's why it's my favorite scene.

Modern-day fairy tale retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Christian Fiction book.

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