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The Ultimate Disney Hero--Kristoff of Frozen

In honor of the season premiere of Once Upon A Time, and its upcoming Frozen storyline, I thought I’d take this moment to write about my new favorite Disney hero (Kristoff) and what makes him the ultimate man.

First, every good man needs a rich, self-deprecating sense of humor. This shows he’s not too full of himself, and can spin anything to make it lots more fun. Not only is Kristoff aware of his deficits, but he can sing about them in reindeer.

Second, he can’t be afraid to speak truth when truth is needed. Kristoff not only challenges Anna to re-think her one-day engagement, he is the only one willing to prepare Olaf for the potential dangers of Summer.

And yet, he does not speak truth for truth's sake, choosing not to use it if it’s only purpose is to insult. When Anna asks him if her hair looks bad, though he is concerned for what the white streak means, he has the sense to--as Olaf states--hesitate.

Third, in contrast to Hans, Kristoff comes to love Anna for who she is and not the position or wealth she holds. Though he is offered remuneration for his help, he does not expect it in the end.

Fourth, he has great pride in his work. When we first see Kristoff, we think he only cuts ice and sells it. But when faced with the vision of Elsa’s frozen creations, he is in awe, wanting to see more, because as he states it, “Ice is my life!”

I love this passion for the work he is called to do!

Fifth, a good man respects his family. True, not all good men come from great families, but if you want them to be the head of yours one day, they need to respect the unit. Kristoff does not have a human family, and though his adopted one is not exactly perfect, you know he loves them, and is loved BY them.

Sixth, a good man is willing to risk everything for the woman he loves, even if it means giving her to another. Kristoff rushes Anna back to Hans, believing this is her true love and the only one who can save her.

Seventh, a good man never pushes himself on a woman. He wants to cherish and protect her, not take advantage. Kristoff even asks before he kisses her. Nothing sexier than a man's tentative touch.

And lastly ...

What more could a woman ask for if she has all of the above? Well ...

... He will also forgive her if she accidentally slams him into a light post :o).

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