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Dear Toxic Death Cream and Modern Alternative Mamas

I just read two great blogs that speak to a modern dilemma of parenting, and give my response. If you'd like to read the original blogs that inspired this musing, here they are ...

Dear blogger lathering her child in toxic death cream … and Dear “modern alternative mama” responding to toxic death cream mama:

Both of you have hit a chord! Mothers get this. We want our children to be happy and safe. Unfortunately we have too many choices in how to do each of these things, and those trying to sell us an idea, philosophy, and let’s face it, a product, will tell us their way is the ONLY way.

So who is correct? What really matters? Who do we believe?

On the one hand we want to keep our babies safe. On the other, all this confusion in how to be safe makes us, and them, anxious. So therefore, we get to live longer (now that we are safe) in fear!!!

I’m glad I have Jesus!!!


Because no matter how much I choose the wrong answer on this earth, I know I will live abundantly with Him for eternity afterward. And eternity in heaven beats this life any day.

How does this help me today? I’m one of those earth-mother types who believes organic is better than processed, but I don’t freak out about it. I’d like to live better, stronger, healthier, but sometimes it’s just hard. I’m working toward living better and better each day, but just like my sin, sometimes I fall short. But in the long run, the falling short doesn’t matter. No matter how sinful I am, my Father God forgives me. And no matter how sick I am here on earth, I will one day walk with angels in the presence of my Savior.

I’m just crazy enough to believe that if people followed kosher dietary laws they’d be healthier than everyone else. God gave these things to His people for a reason. And yet, Peter was told not to worry about them when he ate with Gentiles. Why? Because the relationship was more important than his health!!! Because sharing Jesus was more important than living longer.

So when this world bogs me down, as it often does, I just remember … this life is not the end-all, be-all of the universe. My hope is in God and what He has planned for me. Where I am going, there will be no scientific inquiry. In addition to an abundance of love, there will be KNOWLEDGE. WISDOM. Not from someone who did a study and came up with a theory they’ve found to be supported by the research. This knowledge is from the Creator of all things. He hasn’t LEARNED them. He knew them before they came to be.

I'm believing THAT guy!

Just sayin’!

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